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Lifewave - Photon patches

  • Are sold in over 120 countries worldwide and used by many health-conscious people worldwide. Including famous athletes and Olympians

  • Clinically proven over 40 double-blind placebo studies, over 70 clinical studies

  • All patches are based on photon technology

  • Without drugs, stimulants or chemicals

  • Nothing penetrates the body

  • The photon patches serve health, anti-aging and well-being

  • They can also be used in addition to practical treatments or in personal therapy

  • They are used successfully for countless many complaints

  • All patches can also be used for animal health

The Lifewave Photon patches:


Nirvana: Endorphin Elevation System:                                    Nirvana product training with David Schmidt. Video in                                                                                                                   English & German translation

Energy Enhancer: Increase energy and endurance                    IceWave: The patch against pain

SP6: Weight control & hormone balance                                      Silent Nights: No more sleepless nights and better sleep                                                                                                                                        quality without medication

Y-Age Aeon: the Anti-Stress patch                                                   Y-Age Glutathion: the body's main antioxidant

Y-Age Carnosine: Increase in endurance up to 125%          Alavida Trio: World first for skin rejuvenation

Biologist and inventor of the Lifewave patches David Schmidt talks about his passion for anti-aging (video in English).



For a long, healthy life

use the 3 Y-Age patches!


Mon. Wed. Fri .: 1 glutathione patch

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 1 Carnosine plaster

The Aeon can be used daily with any photon patch. It is a wonderful companion, and it intensifies the effect of every other photon patch.
Don't forget: Always drink a glass of water when they stick!


X39 Stem cell patch

For repairs and much more


It is there. And we are all absolutely thrilled, we were allowed to test it for a year in advance and amazing things happened! It's brilliant!


From January 2019 it is now officially available to everyone worldwide and in our Lifewave online shop (yellow link).


What it can do, here are just a few examples:

Promotes skin repair; Lung; Intestinal mucosa, organ repair; Promotes the growth of blood vessels and nerves; DNA repair; Activates over 4000 genes in younger states; Hair can grow back; Reduce wrinkles; improve cognitive skills; Reduce fears; Short-term improve memory, promote blood circulation; Wounds heal extremely quickly and much more.

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The LW photon patches also work extremely well on animals. They just allow the effect and don't have the mind to stand in their way. In this way, the LW photon patches can also develop their full effect on you.


  • Visit my Lifewave Online Shop. 

  • Order like in every other online store 

  • My distributor No. is  984632

  • Delivery times are 2-3 working days.

  • Each photon patch pack contains 30 patches.

  • All photon patches have a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • If you have any questions about the product selection or the ordering process, simply contact us using the practice contact details.

  • We also glue people with a special health concern in the practice and give you the instructions.

  • We have extended, special adhesive protocols for many complaints.

  • For a visit to the practice, please make an appointment by phone.

  • If you would like coaching by telephone, please arrange a telephone appointment




David Schmidt to Covid-19 and how we can protect us:

If you have any questions, the Naturheilpraxis Molero will be happy to advise you.

By the way:

Would you also like to become a Lifewave sales partner / distribuotr and recommend these unique and outstanding photon patches to your loved ones, friends, acquaintances, customers, patients and be rewarded for every recommendation? Then contact us! Photon therapy is the future! In addition: Good things should be passed on, that is a guiding principle in alternative medicine!

If you are interested, just contact us through the practice contact data or simply sign in on our Lifewave Webside: our distributor number: 984632

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