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DNA testing - Make the most of your life!

Approximately 400 pages of evaluation of your personal DNA and how you can optimize and positively influence your personal life according to your personal genetic blueprint in order to be/become the best version of your DNA, of yourself.


Life is colorful, life is beautiful!
But do we all need the same things to be healthy and happy?

Not entirely, because not everyone has the same information in their DNA. What is good for one person can be exactly wrong for another because we all have a different blueprint, i.e. our own DNA with different information.
While one person may need a lot of salt, the other may hardly need any salt. Or, for example, how do I actually metabolize coffee? Or do I really need as much folic acid, omega 3, etc. as I am always told based on normal blood tests in the laboratory? Why can't I lose weight properly? Am I a carbohydrate type, does that mean I need more carbohydrates? For example, I am a carbohydrate person, so I happily eat my beloved carbohydrates without feeling guilty because now I finally know that they are good for me! What is my biological age, how quickly do my telomeres shorten and how can I influence this? Or what is my DNA's ability to react to the environment? Which fitness routine is actually right for me?

Many answers about health and PERSONAL lifestyle are provided with this DNA test. But also, how can I be successful in my professional life - where are my strengths and weaknesses according to my DNA, am I more of a calm, contemplative type or more of a daredevil? And how can I be successful with my own personal disposition? Am I better off living in the city or in the country? This can also be tested.

DNA testing is an incredibly valuable matter, it enriches our lives, as it uses our personal DNA to give us the keys to our personal safe, our PERSONAL blueprint to make the most of our lives and our health can. Because we are ALL UNIQUE AND NOT A PATENT MATTER!

Blood tests and DNA analysis
You only do our DNA test once. It is not comparable to a blood test in the laboratory. or a dark field microscope analysis, both of which are undoubtedly required. During a blood test in the laboratory and a dark field microscopy
are usually carried out several times because they show the current physical state of your health, but they do not say what your DNA, your personal blueprint, has to report. It's quite possible that your DNA says, no, you don't need folic acid supplementation based on your personality/genes, but your blood test says, more folic acid please.

We had an impressive case: A woman took folic acid for years based on her blood test by the doctor in the laboratory. However, because the blood tests in the laboratory showed no improvement, even though the woman had been taking folic acid supplements for years, the doctor kept increasing the dosage. But she felt increasingly worse about it. This woman then decided to take the DNA test and lo and behold, the DNA test says she doesn't need folic acid, her genes don't need it! The lady then stopped taking folic acid, and she started feeling better with it!

A blood test in the laboratory is designed for the general public, i.e. for global standard values, which are undoubtedly required in certain situations. And a dark field microscope analysis shows you important background information about the blood tests in the laboratory; these are also indispensable. DNA testing is not comparable to either of these two tests, because DNA analysis provides information about the very personal characteristics that have existed since birth. The DNA test therefore only needs to be carried out once; The DNA test provides the most important statement about what should be taken into account based on our personal book of life, it is basically our BIRTHRIGHT, written down and firmly anchored.
Our DNA provides us with our own personal instructions for the lifestyle that we should live in order to be/become the best version of ourselves.


Knowing your own DNA is the key to an optimized self.
Imagine taking the endless guesswork out of finding the...
perfect nutrition, the most effective fitness program and the right ones
Escape lifestyle decisions and get the answers tailored to your own personal blueprint.

Sport in harmony with your genes

Losing weight with the help of genes

Nourish your body according to your genes

Optimal detoxification of the body

Ability of DNA to respond to the environment

Slowing down the aging process


- One-year e-coaching
- Nutrition and body weight *
- Proper foods and nutrition
- Genetic metabolic profile
- Sports and training optimization *
- Detoxification: Breakdown of pollutants
- Slowing down the aging process
- Recommendations for reducing stress
- Optimization of epigenetic programming
- Around 400 pages with results, explanations and
- Individual action plan including life hacks, easy to use

Would you also like to get to know your personal genes in order to make the best of yourself and to find out what is REALLY GOOD for YOU PERSONALLY?

Then say hello to your DNA and hug it!

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