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....and its Photon-Therapy - The Therapy of the 21th Century


It is light in every living cell!

What are Bio- Photons and what do they do for us in our body?


We have put together a lot of information about the vital bio-photons and their regulation by means of photon therapy in a free report.

​- Whoever likes to be as healthy and vital as possible for as long as possible should take all the benefits of photontherapy.

- Whoever is affected by health issues of any kind, should take advantage on the tremendous benefits that the photontherapy has to offer.

- Whoever likes to benefit from the best Anti-Aging program, should not miss out on the Photontherapy.



Photontherapy - Restoration of health

Under the following link, you can see visually what Photontherapy is able to do. 

Photontherapy treatments in:


Turkey, Oman, Dubai, London & Los Angeles 

Also we are glad to announce that we extend our service and give Photontherapy- Treatments outside of Switzerland.


Upon personal request, we love to come to your Country/ City to give you customized Photontherapy treatments with our professional Photontherapy device. The treatments are for all health issues an outstanding benefit and also the perfect way for Anti-Aging.  


Restore health and well-being through the medium of light and information!

Or simply get yourself the best Anti-Aging program ever!



For more informations please contact us through our e-mail. We are happy to be at your service. 



Thank you.

Before the treatment                                                             After 10 Minutes of treatment

For humans as well as for our beloved animals

These and many other famous athletes as well as health conscious people benefit of the ingenious technology of photontherapy:

Here an interview about the Bio-Photons with the German Professor of Bio-Physics, Dr. Fritz Alber Popp who  researched 40 years on the Bio-Photons and made it possible that today we have this outstanding knowledge and Therapy possibilities of the Bio-Photons.

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