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Admission Form for coachings & personal therapy plan

In order to get a first impression of your issue, we have deposited the admission form for you in the member area.

This gives us first insights to your issue. 

If needed, additional information will be added through a personal Whatsapp or Skype call.

The better we are informed about your complaints, the better and more accurately we can tell you what you need and, if necessary, work out a personal treatment plan for you.

Advanced coachings

If you like to arrange advanced Whatsapp- or Skype-  Coaching- calls with us., we also need the admission form in order to advise you as best as possible. 

Therefore please print out the admission form in the member area, fill in, date and sign and mail to our e-mail adress.
We will then send you a confirmation e-mail including the invoice for the admission. Once the money has arrived, we will contact you via whatsapp to arrange one or more coaching appointment(s) with you.


Personal therapy plan:

  • The personal therapy plan basically serves a better and more profound therapy for self-treatment at home.

  • Above this, it is appropriate if you need accompaniment as well as products. So we give you an exact plan of what you should take, when and how to take it, and what you need to look out for.

  • As a must we consider a personalized therapy plan if you have a specific problem or want to treat a difficult problem yourself or as an adjunct to other therapies.


  • You do not necessarily need a personal therapy plan if you simply like to give  yourself and your beloved ones a valuable healthy treat. 

  • Also you not necessarily need a personal therapy plan, if you want to lose weight with our fat burning system or if you like to do our profound colon cleansing.  However, if an issue goes along with one of this treatments, then we recommend also here a personal treatment plan.

Natural Remedies / Complementary Remedies

According to your condition, we also order the necessary products for you, which are delivered directly to your home. We pay great attention to quality in the products! For example, they have high bio-availability, are not gene-modified, contain no fillers and no artificial flavors. Also our suppliers guarntee for freshness in all products.

Some products can also be ordered directly online in our shop. or  the shop of our recommendation for  example for the alternative antibiotics.


  • Whatsapp or Skype counseling / coaching  CHF 2.30 per minute


  • Admission forms:

- Admision form & whatsapp- or skype- coachings:

   The admission form is needed for the personal therapy plan and for the advanced coaching. The recording and           processing is CHF140.-.

-  Admission form & Personal therapy plan:

    For a personal therapy plan we need the admission form. The personal therapy plan is CHF 570.- excluding the            admission fee of CHF140.-. For both we mail the invoice. Once the payment has been received by us, we start                working on your personal therapy plan. The personal therapy plan then will be sent to your e-mail address. 


   Included in the personal therapy plan fee are:

- The working out of your personal therapy plan based on the admission form and

- the personal whatsapp call of max. 30 min.

- If necessary, one time product orders that get delivered right to your home adress


   Not included in the personal therapy plan fee are:

- The admission fee of CHF140.- (will go along with the invoice for the therapy plan)

- Futher whatsapp- or Skype- calls / coachings CHF 2.30 / Min.

- Products are charged directly by the supplier. 

- Shipping costs are also charged by the supplier.

- Further therapy plans if necessary

- Additinoal administrative efforts if necessary



  • Please print the PDF admission form in the members area

  • Complete form

  • Mail the dated and signed admission form to our mail - address:

  • You will receive a confirmation mail from us together with the invoice

  • Please transfer the fee

  • Once the fee has arrived, we will contact you by whatsapp for further clarification (free of charge)

  • We work out your personal therapy plan and return it to your e-mail address.

  • Depending on your needs, we will also order the necessary products for you if needed


Thank you

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