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The transformativ regeneration week to health & anti-aging you deserve 

Feel the power of nature

  • Let your mind unwind

  • Recharge your batteries

  • Get holisticly spoiled

  • Get holisticly regenerated

  • Beautiful nature directly on the sea - away from loud mass tourism and impersonal hotel facilities

  • Exclusiv, charming, individual, relaxed, authentic, casual & unforgettable

Events calendar for the Transformative Light Booster Retreat in Turkey​​


Also in 2023 we will take it spontaneously again; This means that you can ask us again for a date that suits you and we will see that we can meet your desired date for your transformative light booster retreat.

We wish everyone a healthy and carefree 2023.

All love and good.

Simply contact us and we are pleased to tailor the retreat to your needs.

See below what treatments we are offering to make your Retreat week powerful to your health and Wellbeing.



Our Lightbooster Retreat offers a authentic travel experience in a relaxed and peaceful environment.


A transforming regeneration week and anti-aging journey with noticeable and visible results.



As we immerse ourselves in beautiful nature and wonderful surroundings, we unlock our own alchemist within us, who will relax and ground us and bring us energy and joy. The transformational Lightbooster Retreat regenerates body, mind and soul in a natural way and with a rejuvenating effect. On the bio-chemical side of our body it detoxifies, reduces free radicals, cellular and digital stress, revitalizes, rejuvenates and activates happiness hormones. And we influence the length of our telomeres in the light booster retreat, since our actual age depends on them.


Whether with a spouse, friend, small group or alone - it's your time and you decide. Either way everyone experiences  a wonderful transforming effect to health and anti-aging. 

During the retreat week we mainly work with natural remedies. However, if you like additional pampering with treatments, you have the possibility to choose from the treatment offer below that you can book and pay localy. 




Everything that lives breathes: nature, cell, tissue and even the universe. With our breathing, we become our own alchemist, transforming our body, mind and soul.


With the daily breathing meditation, we immerse ourselves in the molecules, in the atoms, in the infinity of our cells. Bringing all of our body chemistry to fruition, do we relieve stress, regulate the endocrine system, activate happiness hormones, get rid of carbon dioxide, access our autonomic nervous system and immune system, and supply our tissues, our cells, our mitochondria with energy and oxygen; and we get rid of blockages. We can even reprogram the cells with it. This breathing meditation goes far beyond NLP. Feel it immediately - it's super easy to do! Feel your body and the power in you, become your own healer - without any technical supplies.

Even if someone meditates already for a long time, this meditation has proven to be deeper than any other meditation.

We dive into the deepest of our physiology!


It is entirely up to you and no obligation to participate. However, the results are extraordinary!

Awesome and wonderful!



In energy medicine, the most diverse types of energy are used as information carriers. The transmission of information with photons has proven to be the most effective and most universal. Photons are better and safer to use than any other energy transfer method. In the future, photons will become the most important tool in medicine and will replace a large part of conventional methods. They offer enormous possibilities.

In our Lightbooster Retreat, all participants will enjoy this outstanding form of therapy. It offers unimagined possibilities.


The treatment is the most thorough anti-aging method available because it works directly in your DNA.



Simply excellent!



Enjoy wonderful massages with the highest quality, cold-pressed organic essential oils:

- Grounding Massage

- Inner Child Massage

- Transformation Massage

- Awaken / Dream Catcher Massage

Customized to your needs. It is the pure blessing that touches and pampers all senses, rejuvenates the skin, brings deep relaxation and so much more. 

Our dedicated massage therapists powered by Renuova Massage are highly qualified, experienced and insured professionals.

Oh, it feels soooo good!


A personal health talk with a naturopath and an energetic bodyscan give an insight into the personal bio-chemistry.

And Wonderful Natural remedies support  your transformational Retreat Week. 

This service and treatment is included in the Retreat.



Built on the hillside of Kaleköy / Simena, this family run hotel built in traditional Turkish limestone style is embedded in exceptionally beautiful nature. It's surrounded by flowers, organically grown herbs, palm trees, olive and fruit trees. This "gem" or " little hidden paradise", as the guests lovingly call it, lays a few steps away from a charming bay. The sea holds an average water temperature of 27-28 ° C / 80,6 - 82,4 F  in summer and invites to swimming, snorkelling or canoeing. (available at the hotel). Since the sea level has one less space low water zones around the Bay, you also can take I nice walk and watch the turtles swim by every once in while. For sunbathing sun loungers and parasols are available for free use.

The hotel has 10 rooms. Furthermore, beautiful verandas and various sitting areas invite you to relax and enjoy the fantastic nature - let your mind and soul unwind!  The whole hotel and restaurant offer breathtaking view over the Kekova bays.

We are experienced travelers ourselves and therefore make sure that our selected spa hotel is so relaxed that you feel right at home. Interesting:  the grandmother of the hotel owner, whom we knew ourselves, spent her whole life here; she was 112 years old!



Wake up with a fresh scent of thyme and sage and listen to the crickets as you are kissed awake by warm sunbeams! It's Nature and relaxation in its purest form!

All 10 rooms of the hotel have double bed and one single bed with high quality mattresses. They are traditionally decorated and very clean. Each room has air conditioning, designer or regular en suite bath or shower with a toilet, towels, hairdryer, soap and shampoo. A lovely veranda for your convenience is in front of room complex with cushioned benches and tables invite you to relax or enjoy a bite to eat. The magnificent views of the sea and bay has already caused many guests to fall asleep unexpectedly while admired lush beauty of nature and colors, as well as the mystical starry sky with no light polution.



Fresh, fresh, fresh!

In the open-air restaurant of Mehtap Pension you can eat fresh and delicious.

The hotel's restaurant is pleasantly relaxed and invites you to linger on with its fantastic views. Mehtap Pension also offers natural flavors from its own organic garden. such as orange, peach, lemon, pomegranate, apricot, pepino, avocado, cactus fruit, onion, potato, tomato and pepper grown organically without use of chemicals and additives.

For fish and seafood loversthe fish and seafood served at the Mehtap Pension are cought daily by Mehtap Pension family from the sea. That's why they are always fresh and delicious. You will taste the difference at Mehtap Pension!

For vegetarians and vegans, healthy and nutritious menu is also available. Fresh, dark bread is also served.

And for wine lovers we recommend to give the excellent Turkish wine a try! 

For meals & snacks outside half-board we recommend the Lykia Restaurant, which is located directly on the sea. It offers a superb selection of fresh fish, seafood, meat, delicious mezze and homemade ice cream as well.



Whenever you feel like visiting, take an interesting walk in the fascinating surroundings of Simena (old name) / Kaleköy. Here you will encounter many historic sights and remains of bygone times, and experience authentic bazaars, small shops, handicrafts and a romantic harbor with restaurants, yachts and large turtles. Simena / Kaleköy is only reached with a 10 minute boat ride, and this contributes immensely to the tranquility and unspoiled environment.

A feast for body, mind and soul away from mass tourism and impersonal hotel bunkers.

No wonder that sailors and tourists from far and wide always return to this mystical place and the most affluent locals have their summer residences here. Also famous Hollywood actors and musicians are to be found here again and again.



During the retreat, we go on a nice day trip with a gulet, the traditional Turkish sailing ship. This is included in the package.

If you like and feel like exploring further, there are many more boat trips or sightseeing tours to choose from, which can be booked on site.

Popular routes are:

- Myra, with its famous rock tombs and St. Nicholas Church, where St. Nicholas lived until his death.

- Apollonia, the sunken and ancient city that, according to archaeologists, existed before ancient Rome.

- Aperlai on the famous Lycian pilgrimage route, where you can wander and explore past times, swim and snorkel while admiring entire rooms of the sunken city under water. It's a karmic way.

- Tersane - with visible parts of the legendary sunken city and beautiful bay for swimming and snorkeling. Here you will always have the feeling of being in one of these monumental biblical films, it's a very enchanted place.

- Kas - for people who like it busy, the harbour town Kas offers a diverse contrast to staying at Simena.  With its many restaurants, jazz bar, open-air dance bars and shopping in the streets of the old town, it is a great place to visit. 

- Patara with its rich history and the long white sandy beach  for you to enjoy.

Bye bye. It has been wonderful! Thank you for your visit!

See you again next year! 


A few impressions:

Enjoy noticeable and visible results of our vitalizing and rejuvenating lightbooster regeneration week


Naturheilpraixs Molero; Bruggackerstr. 20; 8152 Glattbrugg  


WhatsApp  +41 - (0)79 695 0606

For inquiries please get in contact with us.

Thank you

Naturheilpraxis Molero

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Lykia- the land of Light / Turkey

History and environment of the Retreat place

GÜNAYDIN = GOOD MORNING, exact translation:


Turkey is a fascinating and wonderful country, with friendly people, rich culture and immensely beautiful and very diverse nature. Every year, it attracts millions of tourists from near and far. Also therapists, world-famous yogis, golfers and sailors appreciate this amazing country. In addition,Turkey belongs to the world's five best climate zones.

Our transforming wellness weeks take place in the Lycian part of Turkey:

Lycia, this wonderful area of ​​Turkey, now called the Teke Peninsula, which stretches from the Dalaman River to the city of Phaselis in Antalya, was named Lycia in the Anti-Ptolat period.

Its coastline at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, with its beautiful bays like gold embroidery and whose turquoise-blue sea is shaded by the surrounding green, and also home to the famous Lycian pilgrimage, is an open-air museum with unique secrets. The story goes that the Lycians who fought Egypt against the Hittites in the 12th Century BC and also assisted the Trojans in the same period under the leadership of their King Sarpoden. Even today, the Trojan horse is a symbol of sightseeing for tourists in Turkey.

You can reach Lycia by sea and land. The yachts, which anchor in the beautiful bays of Fethyie and Kekova before and around Fethiye, Kalkan and Kas, can visit the antique cities of Patara, Letoon and Xanthos on day trips. A drive in the countryside under the shade of pine trees is also a great experience.

Simena / Kaleköy: Kaleköy was founded on the ancient city Simena. Here is the story of yesteryear and today's life in unison. Lycian sarcophag and the sunken city of Kekova, as well as writings that have been found, bear witness to times long past that date to the fourth Century BC. An incredibly mystical, karmic and luminous environment that captivates every year sailors pilgrims and tourists from all over the world . 

And for the romantic in us: the legendary first kiss between Cleopatra and Marc Antony took place here in the vicinity in a bay. He rewrote the history of the Roman Empire.

Picture: Bay of Aperlai

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