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Lyme disease / Borreliosis & Co.

Borreliosis and co-infections like Chlamydia, Barbesia, Jersinia, Epstein Barr and many more are rapidly on the rise. Thanks to new therapeutic approaches in recent years, it is possible today, to treat numerous microorganism successfully in a harmless way. These treatments include the Borrelia as well as theire Co. infections and others.

There is much to say regarding Lyme disease, however, we mainly are focused here on successful treatment at home. So if you are affected by Borrelia and Co. infections or other unwanted microorganisms, please download the admission form and send it to our email address. Upon receipt, we will contact you to discuss the treatment plan with you.


A tick bite should be treated in any case. Best not to wait too long. Tick ​​bites do not always cause severe symptoms, nevertheless, we recommend the use of the natural Lyme disease treatment as a precaution. 

Because Borrelia can hide for years in their bio-capsul. Like this they even can outsmart the standard Titre tests. The consequence of this can then often be diffuse, inexplicable symptoms that can not be explained by conventional medicine. Which then often results in unnecessarily administering antidepressants.

After a tick bite we recommend to avoid in any case everything that encumbers the immune system, in specific no vaccinations! And to be gentle with the nerv system is also a good advice.

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