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The number of people with metabolic disorders has risen enormously and continues to increase dramatically. Lack of light, wrong eating habits, poisoned environment and food, lack of movement and hectic lifestyle severely challenge the vital metabolic processes in our bodies. Our Bio- photon household, which controls and regulates all metabolic processes in our body, is burdened more than ever before (see our Bio-Photon Report under Bio-Photons in the heather menue).

Metabolic disorders  therefore have complex causes and many faces. They can be in the colon, in the brain (brain and colon belong toghether!),  in the liver, in the pancreas and all other organs including heart, skin, and the lymphatic system, etc.
The symptoms therefore are numerous and everything is possible: from tiredness to depression to even difficult illnesses like cancer etc.

Therefore, if you feel ill, we like to point out that you should first consult a doctor or lab before contacting us in the next step. After you have been checked by your doctor, or a lab, and have become a diagnosis, you can download our admission form in the members area and mail it to us. We then give you the therapy plan for treating yourself at home.  In case of a serious illness: 

The treatment plan can also be concomitantly with medical treatment. If necessary, we make adjustments here and there. In fact, our treatment plan should also be used after chemotherapy or other harsh treatments!

We also advise you to download and read the Bio-Photon Report in the header menu under Bio-Photons.. In many ways, it provides you with information about the metabolic process of today.

Fit and well

In case you simply like to stay fit, healthy and well with our effective metabolic treatment plan, then of course you do not necessarily  need to consult your doctor prior to the treatment plan. 


Weight loss

If you are primarily looking for a weight reduction, then a visit to the doctor is not absolutely necessary. But here too we always recommend having a thorough lab testing done before starting with our treatment plan. 

We have a very effective, healthy metabolism cure for your weight loss:

  • Lose up to 10% of your body weight within 3 weeks

  • Degradation of excess fat pads on stomach, buttocks, thighs, upper arms

  • Healthy without hunger and yo-yo effect

  • Feel and look great


























Personal treatment plan

Please download our admission form and send it to us completely filled to our e-mail address.  If necessary we also will contact you prior to working out your personal treatment plan.  

Combination treatments

You also have the option to combine the personal treatment plan at home with treatments in our practice.

For all metabolic disorders, we have a healthy and effective treatment plan for you.

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