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The online NatPraxis & treatments at home



More and more people realize that health and well-being requires a great deal of personal responsibility. The media also report daily healthy alternatives to address a health problem / disease, or to strengthen and maintain well-being.


So then many people go in search of suitable products to cure themselves at the first attempt. It quickly becomes obvious that the market is littered with a huge supply and it is not so easy to find the right one and the right one for your personal needs. Which then often leads to unnecessary bad purchases. or of little use for a particular problem. In addition, dosage and period are often a problem, because even in natural medicine, this is of essential importance to obtain maximum benefit from it. So many people come to their knowledge and experience limit.



Many questions and no answers?

Likewise, questions like: "How should I treat a Lyme disease as harmless as possible?" Or: "The antibiotics does not work for me" or: "I can not stand antibiotics, what should I do"?

Also questions like: What can be done as harmless as possible in: fibromyalgia; Arthrosis; to high blood pressure; Multiple sclerosis, diabetes; Thyroid problems; high cholesterol levels; Pain and much more.

No access and environmentally friendly

Also long journeys to the practice are often a problem. Or people who live abroad or very remote, are often dependent on professional support and advice. For these people, telephone coaching and / or a personal therapy plan is ideal. It also helps to avoid a lot of unnecessary CO2 emissions.



Cut costs

Self-therapy at home is not only effective and very useful, but also very cost-effective.

So all of these criteria have motivated us to launch OnlineNatPraxis. It fills a gap where people come to their limits and have questions when it comes to alternative healing in self-treatment at home. And where people are looking for helpful support to tackle a specific problem effectively alternative - without sinking in the sea of offers.


The online Nat.Praxis includes:


- Telephone or Skype counseling / coaching

- Create a personalized therapy plan tailored to your particular problem at home or as an adjunct to treatment in the     field. For this we need the registration form from you, which we have deposited in the members area for you

- Assemble and deliver the right products with detailed instructions, delivered directly to your home or to order             directly online.

How the online practice works


  • Please e-mail us and tell us what the problem is and where we can reach you by whatsapp - phone during the day to arrange a whatsapp talk.

  • Telephone consultations outside Switzerland are conducted only with Whatsapp. Please tell us your Whatsapp name or phone number in your first mail.

  • You can find all information about telephone consultations, the admission form and the creation of a personal therapy plan in the members area


  • All information will be treated confidentially!

Please sign in to the members area (Mitgliederbereich)  to get all information & conditions  to the NatOnline Praxis.

Thank you


Before and after

Much is possible in the self-treatment!

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