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The Online Natpractice & self treatments at home

More and more people are realizing that health and well-being requires a great deal of personal responsibility. The media also report daily healthy alternatives to address a health problem / disease, or to strengthen and maintain well-being.

So then many people go in search of suitable products to cure themselves at the first attempt.
It then quickly becomes clear that the market is littered with a huge supply and it is not so easy to find the right and suitable product for the personal issue. Which then often leads to bad purchases and unnecessary spending money. Because much is actually superfluous or of little use to our health, or you take different products even twice without knowing it. Dosage and time are also often a problem, because how much and how long you should use this or that product to use this or that method is also essential in natural medicine to get the maximum benefit from it. So many people come to their knowledge and experience limit.

Many questions and no answers?
Again and again, questions like: "How am I supposed to tackle a borreliosis as harmless as possible?" Or "the antibiotic does not work for me" or "I do not tolerate antibiotics, what should I do"?
Questions like: "I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, thyroid problems, high cholesterol levels, pain, etc. What can I do to prevent it?

Then there are always statements like: "You can not do anything against all this" and "it's up to us in the family" or "I've already tried everything." Such and similar sentences are justified, but they are often based on a non-knowledge and obsolete view and therefore have little to do with the current state of science and the current possibilities in natural medicine.
And the best thing about today's options is that you can actually do many things at home yourself. Because

often, health is not as complicated as it seems since many diseases have the same origin. Therefore, with the right guidance today, a great deal is already possible to cure yourself at home, to alleviate or heal complaints. In addition, most procedures at home can be combined as needed with therapies and treatments in practice.
In addition, self-treatment at home usually saves you not only time and money, but ultimately also protects the environment by possibly avoiding long journeys.


So all of these criteria have motivated me to start an online practice. It fills a gap where people come to their limits and have questions, when it comes to natural healing in self-treatment at home, or where people are looking for effective alternatives.

The Online NatPractice includes:

- Phone- and Skype- Consultations
- Admission form for personal treatment plan for implementation at home
- Assemble and deliver the right remedies with detailed instructions, delivered directly to your home, where                   necessary
- Antibiotic alternatives (with personal therapy plan)
- New Harvard study on antibiotics and the possibly upcoming dark age of medicine
- Metabolic protocol (with personal therapy plan)
- Lyme disease & Co. protocol (with personal therapy plan)
- Biophoton & Photon Therapy Report
- Shop with a few diamonds of natural medicine for healthy everyday life and for curing yourself at home

All further information can be found in the members area. Please log into the MEMBERS AREA in the header menu.


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