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David Beckham

Sami Khedira and the whole German National soccer team; Serena Williams and many many more

2 possibilities of treatment

1st possibility:

In practice, we will gladly show you how, where and which patches you stick for your problem. Then we can order the patches for you or you order the patches yourself at home.

2nd possibility
You call us and tell us your problem. We will then put together the right treatment plan. Then you can order the patches yourself or we can order it for you and email the instructions for the glue dots.


Here are more instruction videos:

However, we have the full range treatment plan. Therefore simply tell us your problem and we mail you the instruction for your specific problem. There are no treatment limits with these wonderful patches!

Get more informations to each patch:


Just click and you will receive some information:


All bio-photon patches are successfully used in humans and animals.





How to order the Bio-Photon Plaster:

2 options to place an order:


1. Registration as an online customer:

Click on the link below and you will be redirected to the Lifewave page.

Just order as in any other online store too. One pack including 30 bio- photon patches and 1 instruction booklet $89.90






2. Register as a distributor:

For easy registration as a distributor, click on the link below and then go through the simple step by step instruction as described on the PDF.
With this option you save! One pack including 30 patches and 1 instruction booklet costs only $ 69.90

IMPORTANT for the distributor registration:

You need this sponsor ID number 984632 to register. You must enter this number when asked for the sponsor.



And here is the easy step by step guideline: "How to sign up for a new distributor"




You will find a lot more outstanding products on the lifewave website. We truly can stand behind them all and recommend them from a therapeutic point of view.






If you would like a practice appointment or if you have questions about the registration and the products, please contact us via our contact details. We're here to help.

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