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....and the Photon-Therapy - The Therapy of the 21th Century!


It is light in every living cell....



Photon Therapy Restores Health & Well-being!

By clicking on the arrow below you can view before and after pictures of photon therapy treatment.  

EVENT from January 3rd - January 26nd 2018

Get to know the powerful Photon therapy for your clients while I am in the Bay Area in San Francisco, CA / USA

I am in San Francisco from January 3 - January 26, 2018 and love to introduce you to the outstanding photon therapy which is of great benefit to any holistic practice and its clients. As well as for any Veterinary practice and its four-legged patients!

Schedule an appointment and I will visit you at your practice!


My visit at your practice includes:


- A free sample treatment in order for you to feel the treatment right on your      own. 


- Also I will introduce you to the 2 different possibilities of photon therapy            treatments you have for your clients.

Schedule an appointment with me today and I will show you the most powerful therapy of the 21st Century for your clients!

The photon therapy-treatments are:


  • For all Indications

  • Contain no Stimulants

  • Are Chemicals free

  • Are without harmful side effects

  • Are safe and easy to apply

  • Are the new way of healing in the 21st Century

  • Are of great benefit for any holistic / naturopathic working practice

  • Are of great benefit for any Acupuncture practice as well

  • Also are fantastic for any Veterinary practice


To schedule an appointment call:  +41-79 695 0606 

or e-mail to:



I look forward to meet you in your practice!

Make 2018 the year with the breakthrough innovation in natural healing!

With best wishes f0r 2018!   

Gabriela Molero

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