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• To stimulate and activate the body's own healing powers
• As an aid to self-help in everyday life in pain
• To relieve chronic diseases
• For energetic support in everyday life, so that above all your mental activities go much more relaxed and stress-free from the hand.
• Ultimately as a "substitute source" of the daily minimum ration required by the body in natural sunlight, especially on rainy or winter days
• To harmonize your living or office space
, For the potentiation of food and drinking water


• Allergies / skin diseases
• Back pain and joint pain / rheumatism
• Cardiovascular complaints
• Migraine / chronic headache
• Multiple sclerosis
• Hyperactivity of children (ADHD)
• Depression / Burn-Out

​as well as for: all kinds of autoimmune diseases; Metabolism; sleeping disorders: all kinds of skin problem like psoriasis, warts etc.; Lyme disease and a lot more!

The recommended duration of use is 20-30 minutes per day, in case of persistent cases longer. In principle, however, we recommend to refuel with this energy as much as possible. An "overdose" is not known.


Also mortgage payments possible

For further questions and order please contact us via the contact data below. We will contact you shortly. We ship worldwide.

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