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I use the Powerstrips in practice for a few years now to complement home users. And I NEVER had a negative feedback!

On the contrary, people are totally excited about it! Since they provide wonderful relaxation, relieve pain points, promote wound healing and also have an antibacterial effect through the fantastic active ingredients and colloidal silver they are a real easy to use treasure for every houshold farmacy!

In addition, they are paper-thin and do not wear at all. Besides they last about 3-5 days. Therefore, simply avoid the direct water jet from the shower and clean your skin before applying from oily residues.

How to apply the patches 

This short video shows you how to attach the patches.

You can download the following PDF's that include 

a indication list and adhesive dots to the Hädschen zones

 Indication list to download  and print

Instruction for Haedsche Zones

How to place an order

These patches are only available to the therapist in the practice or to order directly as a partner online. which actualy saves you a lot of money.

For the online order you have to open your own account:

1. Click on this link:
2. Select your language in the top right corner
3. Select your country: ........
4. Then you can read more under Power Strips or the product you are interested in
5. Or, you go straight on: At the top of the menu bar, click on Shopping
6. Under Shopping, select new customer
7. Then choose your country where you live at
8. Then click on next step / next step
9. Then you will see a list / menu on the far left, then click on: Envelope Products Fgxepress
10. Then a window opens with all kinds of patches. Click here: PowerStrips or the item you like to order
11. Then select the PowerStrips package of your choice
12. Go to the cashier and follow the instructions

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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