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Already during the development phase, this filter system was tested in extensive tests by the Landesgewerbeanstalt (LGA) of Bavaria, with its food, environmental and analytical laboratories. The Landesgewerbeanstalt was founded in 1869 and is a neutral institute under the legal supervision of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs as well as a member of the Association of German Material Testing Offices (VMPA). Because of its neutrality and the regulations of the European Community, this institute was deliberately chosen. The LGA attests to this filter system an excellent retention capacity of the above-mentioned problem substances down to the detection limit. Long-term tests, of the integrated membrane filter, confirm that no bacteria, parasites or micro-organisms can enter the filtered water. All statements and data on the filtration quality and performance and the findings obtained are based solely on expert opinions and test series from independent institutes and government departments, as well as on many years of practical experience with the involvement of state health authorities.

Due to the possibility of combining different filter media and techniques with each other, over 100 different configurations reliably remove problems from the pipe water. This drinking water system can thus be individually adapted to almost every occurring initial situation. The quality of the drinking water available in your home decides how your filter is configured for you! If necessary, even softening or partial softening can be integrated. We are not aware of any other system, which is tailored exactly to the individual needs of the customer. Although the daily water consumption per capita in Europe is about 130 liters / day, only about 5 liters are needed for drinking and cooking.

With this filter system, which is usually installed under the kitchen sink, max. 2.5 liters (max. 4.5 liters in the "commercial version": on request!) The purest drinking water can be taken from a separate tap (included). A lot that is sufficient for even a large family.











Incl. Shipping and installation (delivery time: approx. 2 weeks). Optional are a stainless steel faucet with a larger height as well as a three-way fitting with integrated second outlet.

€3180.-including shipping and installation in Germany.

Also mortgage payments possible


Price for shipping and handling to other Countries on request.

For further informations and orders please contact us through our contact data. We will get back to you shortly.

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