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For Therapy, Prevention, Anti-Aging & Wellness


What are photons?


Photons are the smallest units of light, the so-called light quanta, which consist of electromagnetic radiation. A photon can appear with any amount of energy. However, this can only be created as a whole or destroyed as a whole, since they are indivisible.


Louis-Victor de Broglie had discovered that light and any other type of electromagnetic radiation can behave as waves and as particles (energy particles, quantum). In 1926, the chemist Gilbert N. Lewis called these energy particles photons. This explains why the words photons and quanta are also used for electromagnetic waves.

What are bio-photons?


Bio-photons are the same as photons, but by definition they come from living cells / organisms, more precisely from the cell DNA and the mitochondria (power plants of the cells), which have their own DNA. Bio-photons are light particles that are spontaneously and continuously emitted by the cells (biophoton emission), and which can be influenced from outside using photon therapy. This makes it possible to influence biological processes in the body in a healthy way, to regulate metabolic processes and to initiate healing processes.

It is known today and evidence has been provided:


Only by changing the biophoton emission can we get sick, which is scientifically confirmed again and again. One speaks of the resonance behavior. The decisive factor for every disease is the resonance of the substance to the biophoton emission of the cells.

The emission of biophotons can be changed by substances such as viruses, bacteria and heavy metals, but also by psychological stress and stress. Electrosmog / electromagnetic interference fields such as WiFi, cell phones, Bluetooth devices also have a very large influence; and 5G microwaves can even completely destroy the biophotons.

Modulated photons, the future of medicine


Various types of energy are used as information carriers in energy medicine. These are mainly electrical, magnetic and optical methods. The transmission of information with photons has proven to be the most effective and universal. Photons can be used better and more safely than all other energetic information methods. Nature has therefore chosen this method as an information medium. In the future, photons will also be the most important tool in medicine. In diagnosis this is already the normal present. Therapy with photons such as biophotons will replace a large part of conventional methods and also offer many previously unimagined possibilities.



Photon therapy is used for numerous diseases / symptoms as well as for anti-aging and wellness:

Former patient with hypothyroidism: In German:



  • With your body clothed, you lie on the therapy couch.


Photon therapy for the therapeutic area:


  • In photon therapy with the practice device, self-information (blood from the fingertip) and external information (natural remedies) are used.

  • Photon treatment takes place in many different places on the body

  • An intensive photon treatment for illnesses / symptoms in the practice takes approx. 2 1/2 hours.

  • In children, the treatment time is a maximum of 1 hour

  • For short-term symptoms such as after a fall or for rapid wound healing, the treatment can also be applied locally and limited to one hour

Photon therapy for the prevention, wellness & anti-aging area:


  • In photon therapy with the practice device, internal information (blood from the fingertip) and external information (natural remedies) are used

  • Here you have the choice between 1 or 2 hours of treatment.



Before photon treatment:


- Please bring a white shirt or wear a white top

- Do not drink coffee or stimulating drinks at least 3 hours before


 Before and after photon treatment:


- Drink enough plain water


Brain before treatment                                                   Brain after 10 minutes of photon treatment


Video in German:

The blood in the dark field microscope before and after a single treatment with photon therapy in the practice:

Before                                            After

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Would you like to learn more about photon therapy?


The book on photon therapy


Health in the 21st Century: Bio-Photon Therapy - The Healthy Revolution


There you will find a lot of interesting information about photon therapy in general and from 10 years of practical experience as a user.


It is written in a simple and understandable way for the layman and takes you on an exciting journey to photons / bio-photons. In addition, there are numerous insights into practical experience and experiences in self-application.


More about it here

Unfortunately, the book on photon therapy is not yet available in English. However, we are working on it.

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