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Bio - Photons - where life and health begins...

Why Photone- Therapy?

Scientists have discovered  decades ago, and now by using state-of-the-art research methods confirmed, that our body cells are emitting light.

The reason is simple: we have to deliver about 10 million cells per second in the right way, in order to replace the 10 million cells that die in our organism every second. The necessary informations required therefore goes only by the speed of light.


The light therefore shines in a bundled fashion, like the light of a laser beam to transmit information.

The physician and researcher Dr. Meser was the first to show that light activated the "mitochondria" - the power station in the cells. In turn, they activate further energetic processes and thus contribute significantly to the activation of metabolic energy of the cells.

Energy is the prerequisite of all life.

Both the individual cells as well as the entire organism of a complex creature, therefore need light.

The biophysicist Dr. Fritz Albert Popp discovered that the cells produce the photons themselves, and although this generated light is extremely weak, today's photon amplifiers can easily detect them.

One also speaks of "Bio-photons".

Only through this constantly produced light of the cells, information transmission in human, animal or also plant organisms, is possible. And it is precisely this information exchange that has to be done very fast, otherwise information from the foot would not be within seconds of the brain. The photons in the body allow any information transmission with light velocity. In a cell without DNA as a genetic carrier, biophoton radiation is no longer measurable. Thus, no more energy flows.

And this light radiated from the cells is laser light. This is an energy used by all living cells to control the internal functions.

Nature has, therefore, discovered this ingenious energy long before us, and she uses it day by day.

Normal, healthy cells radiate very few photons. Disturbed or diseased cells can significantly increase your photon emission. In an extreme case, these cells radiate all their available energy and then die an energetic death.

Biophysically they are still present. They only lack the necessary energy, similar to a watch whose battery is empty. If you recharge this battery, the clock continues to run smoothly.

If these cells are given the necessary energy (in form of photontherapy) from the outside, they are reactivated and they can resume their activity.

Light is energy


Light is the energy that is inseparably linked to all biological processes in living systems. And energy is the most important factor for all living creatures.

That is why nature has envisaged an energy source responsible for all life: THE SUN

She sends giant amounts of energy into the universe without interruption. And although only a small portion of this energy hits our earth, all living creatures of the Earth depend directly or indirectly on the energetic effects of the sun

Energy controls biological processes

Even in the form of electric current, we find, on closer inspection, the energy in the living body. For example, in the nerves, in the brain, in the muscles. etc.
In principle, everything that happens in our body is the result of electrical energy.

The molecule, the smallest building block in biochemistry, is also the product of the forces of electric charges, which are constantly being balanced.

The molecules are formed as a result of attractive or repulsive electric charges of individual atoms. Many billions of them then form cells. And the entire metabolism is exclusively the result of tiny electrical forces. They move the molecules through the cell walls and thus effect the metabolism.

Light is not equal light

The sunlight reaches the earth in the form of electromagnetic waves. Only a very narrow band of the spectrum of solar radiation is visible to our eyes. But also the other, non-visible parts of the solar radiation are used by nature and thus also by our body.

We developed as living beings most of life under the influence of the natural light of the sun. Natural evolution has created a specific balance of solar radiation for seeing and controlling our body functions. This can be seen, for example, in the light-dependent control of the production of hormones, enzymes and a gigantic number of different neurochemicals.

However, today most people spend their time indoors and behind spectacles, sunglasses, window glasses and car windows. All this blocks the natural composition of the sunlight.
And this lack of natural light is also not to compensate with the artificial lighting we know: The flickering light of fluorescent - lamps or the "humid" light of incandescent lamps, with many pulsed partial waves, is rather detrimental to our organism as useful


Looking more closely, it becomes very clear why more and more different forms of disease are emerging in the modern age:

​The human, who has developed in the course of hundreds of thousands of years, should now adapt suddenly to a completely new habitat within a few generations:
The overwhelming stay in enclosed spaces without natural sunlight often due to our workplace, the withdrawal of many necessary biological energy sources such as, among other things fresh, energetic organic food, the natural magnetic field of the earth, and natural, unfiltered daylight etc. are just a few things that have changed very fast.

Instead, we absorb the biologically confusing, artificial electric and magnetic fields of many millions of electrical devices and radios of all kinds. Our biological system is not designed for this.

But more and more irrefutable research results prove:
The full spectrum of the natural sun is an essential nutrient for the head and body. Our entire body surface is a large
biological photo cell.

The difference between direct and indirect light

Only about 15% of the light beams received by the eyes are used for the actual vision. The predominant part of the light beams controls the biological processes in the brain. For the eye transforms light into electrical impulses and directs them to the brain.


This behaves as a sensitive biological resonance amplifier for the frequencies around from which it is surrounded. It is stimulated by all these externally acting impulses to resonance.
This means in the clear text, our brain responsible for the entire process called LIFE reacts extremely sensitively to any kind of vibration that surrounds it, whether electro-magnetic or by transmission via light.
Now it is also clear why we feel so much more comfortable in sunshine than in cloudy, sunbathing seasons. We are healthier in the summer than on the gloomy autumn and winter days. Most of us search as best we can, on holidays and on free times for the sun.

This particular instinct has been confirmed in various studies in which scientists have investigated the effects of involuntary lack of light on whole population groups. The northern European countries have a considerable shortage of light during the winter season. We can derive a direct connection between too little light and symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, insomnia, depression, alcoholism and many other diseases.
Light is
crucial for the release of a significant amount of vital neurochemicals and neurohormones of the brain. All brain functions are necessarily dependent on the stimulating effect of light. Since the influence of light on the pineal gland has been known, the riddle of healing is solved with light.

However, the hypothalamus, which controls most life-sustaining functions in our body by influencing the autonomous nervous system with the light-generated impulses, is also functionally dependent on the electrical signals generated by the light.

Why a built-in magnetic field in our photon-therapy device?

The influence of our earth magnetic field on our living beings is shown by a very simple example:

Some animal species such as migratory birds, bees or whales also use magnetic fields for their orientation. They obviously have the ability to perceive magnetic imagery. The image patterns can be saved and compared with the current image pattern so as to find targets or their own location at any time.

If the magnetic fields - which are originally present and are known and used by these animals, - are disturbed, cosmic and terrestrial radiation have the potential to become much more active and are perceived as pathogenic disturbances in the human and animal organism. In the same way, we are confronted with the well-known orientation problems, since the image pattern comparison probably no longer works properly.

How important are magnetic fields?

Magnetic fields are natural, biologically stimulating power fields. In undisturbed nature, all living beings are permanently exposed to this activating energy. Therefore, magnetic fields are important and indispensable bioenergetic factors of our environment.

Due to our current progress, which is responsible for countless electrical and magnetic disturbing fields, with the increasing number of technical devices in all conceivable areas of work, leisure, traffic, etc., we have a situation which was not intended by nature: Even to the remotest corners of our earth these disturbing fields, which are not identical with the natural magnetic fields, act.
Linearly with the spread of these technical magnetic fields it is also demonstrable that our
civilization diseases increase. Many researchers and scientists see it as a negligible connection. In exploring the natural magnetic fields interesting factors were discovered:

1. The resonant frequency of the earth can be detected practically everywhere and can be determined by calculations. It is also called the earth frequency or the global frequency, and it is 8.1 Hz in the undisturbed state. This oscillation is our constant, natural companion.

2. This, however, is not the only frequency with which we are confronted on our earth. It was Professor Schumann who already discovered around 1934: the resonant frequencies of our earth lie in the range of 0.5 to about 30 Hz, but there is no uniform distribution ascertainable. These waves are now called Schumann waves.

3. However, the main frequency range of the Earth's magnetic shield is very narrow. It is in the range between 7-12 Hz. The special thing is that these frequencies exactly match the preferred frequencies of the human brain. This is because precisely in this relatively narrow frequency range, the frequencies which we can detect in an undisturbed brain are also found.

4. This means: We are normally in resonance with the frequencies of the earth. This can hardly be a coincidence. In the course of many millions of years of evolution, our brain frequencies have probably adapted to the vibrations of the earth and synchronized.

With modern technology it is now possible to reproduce the natural magnetic fields of the earth in a natural way. This has significantly stimulating effect on all metabolic process of cells, tissues and organs.
All biochemical functions are optimized. The lymphatic system is supported by the natural magnetic field.

The magnetic field of the earth is identical to magnetic fields in our brain

The most important frequency discovered by Schumann, the global or earth resonance frequency, is generated by our brain itself, if optimum biological environmental conditions prevail.

Stimulation of brain frequencies

Our brain is very likely to behave like a sensitive biological resonance amplifier for these brain frequencies. It is demonstrable at any time that the brain registers any kind of energy offered. If the externally offered vibrations are similar to brain frequencies, the brain synchronizes quickly with these.

It is important to know that it is completely indifferent whether the sensory organs are subjected to vibrations in the form of light, magnetic or even electrical vibrations.

All forms are perceived and influenced by the brain.

This can be used very well therapeutically. After extensive analyzes of every conceivable kind of health condition one nowadays knows exactly which frequencies of our health serve. With modern electronics it is possible to generate these frequencies and feed them to the brain. This allows you to elegantly place the brain gently but inevitably in an optimal condition.

A particularly ideal condition for our brain is the synchronous interconnection of both brain halves to the same frequency. In this state, the brain is able to perform excellent power. In such situations, long-term memory and subconsciousness are closely linked to consciousness.

EEG measurements for illustration:

The diagram shows the frequencies of a stressed brain (left and right hemisphere). It has a strong asymmetric distribution of the individual brain frequency regions with strong dominance in the Beta area (stress frequencies).

The blue, lower, and desirable frequency ranges (delta, theta, alpha) in the image have low intensities. But it should be the other way round.

After 10 minutes of treatment with relaxation frequencies, the EEG looks completely different. The beta range (blue background) is now reduced and relaxation frequencies have been assumed by the brain.

In addition, the two cerebral hemispheres pulsate much more synchronously. With correspondingly positive organic effects.



The brain can thus be influenced directly by stimulation with pulsating photon impulses. It gradually synchronized with them. Thus, the brain can be cautiously and completely non-interacting to the brain to better functions and activities.



There is light in our cells - The light of life

Biophoton is the scientific term for communication and the flow of subtle energy and information between cells and organisms in the form of light. Bio-photons are in all living organism. As soon as we influence the Bio-Photons in a living system external we speak of photons. Therefore we speak of photon- therapy, With photon-therapy we can regulate the internal processes of the bio-photons from the outside. This is why photon therapy is often also called photon- regulation therapy.


What does that mean?

Whenever a chemical reaction forms in our body, this reaction absorbs light. Whenever a chemical reaction dissolves, light is emitted. In every single second thousands of chemical reactions are formed and dissolved in our body. Therefore, light is absorbed and released in our body. And this light (light quanta / bio-photons), which is not visible to the human eye, plays a central role in the chemical reactions and processes in our cells:


When a neutron (electrically neutral particle) sends an impulse to another neutron, a charge builds up between two membranes. Then a spark transmits the charge between the neurons (nerve cells) and produces an impulse. This spark emittes a lot of light that penetrates the entire body at light speed and releases in the whole body the life-necessary various chemical reactions in order to stay healthy - or to gain health again for example if influenced by Photontherapy.


Bio-photons are not only faster than any biochemical substance but also transmit vital informations in light speed. In this way, they prepare the cells exactly where they require healing, in order that they can absorb the life necessary substances of the body for the initiation of the healing process.


Our cells


All cells have a memory. By nature all our cells are programmed for health. A healthy organism has healthy, bio-photon-regulated cells that have clearly structured tasks. This will ensure a smooth workflow for our body, thus providing health and vitality.

Through various influences in our life the cells can be disturbed, weakened or even wrongly programmed. For example, by trauma, by drugs, by environmental influences, etc. Sometimes our cells are burdened to a small extent, and sometimes to a very high degree or even misled. In the worst case, the cells are then completely powerless, confused and disoriented, no longer know what tasks and functions they have to perform.  This causes chaos in the body. Which then inevitably leads to loss of vitality, and in the worst case to serious, complex diseases.

Our Photontherapy

This is where photon therapy starts. She recognizes by means of the customers own information, e.g. a drop of blood from the fingertip, or a couple of hair, a piece of fingernail, or a few skin dander, where a disturbance occurs in the biophotonic household. There, she begins to work to resuscitate and regulate the weakened and lost cells. 
In order to support the healing process, we also have the possibility to put natural remedies- and homeopathic remedies- information at the same time into the nosode of the device. Like this, also these informations can be taken up by the cells at the speed of light.


Restoration of health

Photontherapy restores the originality of cells and the entire organism. This therapy can recognize bio-photons (light pulses) in the cells. If these bio-photon light pulses get disturbed in our body,  Photontherapy makes it possible to regulate the Bio-photons activity and the associated 100,000 bio-chemical processes per second in each cell of our body. This frees the human organism from disturbances and the body gradualy can return to its self-regulating and original, healthy functioning.

Benefits and awareness of photon therapy (of 10 years practical experience)

  • The photontherapy device, which we use in practice, contains different brain frequencies, magnetic field as well as different nosodes for own and external information.


  • Photontherapy has the ability to crack down the biofilm to e.g. Borrelia and their Co. infections completely harmless and very efficient.

  • Photontherapy can completely harmless act in the mitochondria (power source of the cells).

  • Photontherapy has unlike frequency devices the great advantage of also penetrating into cavities of our body in order to work there.

  • Medications slow down the healing process. On the other hand, however, the dosages of the medications can be reduced to with time even get completely omitted.

  • Photontherapy also detoxifies.


  • Photontherapy works on all body systems including also on our whole hormon system.


  • Our photontherapy shows us the way to what is to do. Drinking plenty of good plain water (2 - 3 l) is a MUST.  Water is also an important information carrier.

  • Do not drink coffee before you go to photontherapy since heavy coffee drinker often start to tramble a bit after therapy (reaction of the nervous system).

  • The treatment plan MUST be consistently adhered to if you want to recover and restore your health. This often also includes the use of specific natural remedies.

  • The number / frequency of the treatments is very individual and depends on the indication and the overall condition of the customer.

  • Photontherapy should not only be used to restore and recover. Rather she should also be used to precautionary health and for anti-aging.

With only ONE photon ONE BILLION reactions can be stimulated !


  • We speak of Bio-photons if we talk of the bio-photon- activity in a living organism.


  • Photontherapy is the term used if we influence the bio-photones in the organism


To date, we have two therapeutic possibilities to act on our bio-photon activity in our body / organism:

1.    With photontherapy by means of photon device.

      This form of therapy is recommended for all persistent and difficult symptoms / diseases.
      However, it is also excellent for general well-being and anti-aging.



2.   Using the bio- photon patches. 
      The photon patches are very good for selftreatment at home or for traveling. They should not be              missing in any home pharmacy. 
      Also, they are a great complement to support photontherapy or any other alternativ therapyform in          practice.

How you can contribute to a strong bio-photon balance:

Photon - rich food

It is no longer a secret:

Our daily food including drinking water are powerless and have become ineffective, contain hardly any more vital bio-photons.

And so it is also called "dead food". Industry, environmental toxines and poor animallivestock farming have made it possible, that we can no longer speak of "food of life“.

Indeed, a food is not primarily dependent on the vitamin and mineral content, instead the bio-photon- content is essential. Only the bio-photon content makes possible that vitamins and minerals can develop and also can be transmitted!

An animal, which is kept under loveless, cruel and unnatural living conditions, hardly

has a healthy bio-photon balance. In addition, it is full of artificial

hormons and antibiotics etc. Through all these torture treatments the animal is in constant stress and therefore also

contains a lot of stress- and anxiety- hormones, eg. Cortisol,

Adrenaline and Co.. And therefore it has hardly any happy making neurotransmitters such as Serotonin. Dopamin & Co. that can get passed on to us.

Instead this whole stress- cocktail is consumed on a daily basis ton-wise around the globe. In addition there are all the environmental poisons like Aluminum, Strontium, Barium & Co. and  tons of pesticides etc. in food and drinking water that as well land also in our body.

It is therefore not at all surprising that autoimmune diseases including cancer, antibiotic resistance, heavy Borreliosis ( yes the insects eat and drink this poison cocktail also) and much more are explosively increasing.

"Let food be your medicine..."

Hippokrates once formulated this quotation so aptly.

That's why we should:

Eat organic food. Also with love prepared food: taking time to enjoy meals etc.  promote a positive bio-photon balance.


For a bio-photon-rich drinking water by energizing it is also a good measure. Water is not only a vital element for us and all nature. Rather, it is also an energy carrier and information transmitter, and deserves therefore respectful treatment.

Sometimes Darwin's theory of evolution is cited as an excuse or relieve for our reckless behavior.

Taking it out of comfort as an excuse, however, would not be right. For what many may not know about the theory of this famous natural scientist- he has also said:


"If negative (genetic) developments occur in a species, the number of living creatures is reduced, which can lead to eradication."


Fear and panic are not a good companion for the bio-photons. Sometimes, however, they are necessary to bring about urgent changes.

If we start NOW treating our food and health with love and respect to nature, we get rewarded with our biggest treasures: photon- rich Health and Joy.

Bio-Photon - rich activities

- Photontherapy

- Energetic treatments

- Wellness


- Yoga

- QiGong

- Tai Chi

- Meditation

- Hiking 

- Walking

- Dancing



Back to the future


We are NOW located since 2012 in the light-age. We are since in a higher dimension in the Universe. And this calls for higher consciousness. There are other laws now than before. Much is now happening

with the speed of light. And much that is no longer true is now lit with light and comes to the surface. This creates total chaos in many sections of life.

However, this now is also the opportunity to decide where our journey is to go on this planet. Should we continue with this poison cocktail and destroy our environment and health further? Or should we rather make urgently necessesary adjustments in order to go back to a future?

We now need primarily bio-photons (light quanta) in our life and for our planet. For our planet is also a living organism and a biological ecosystem like our body. Photons bring order and healing into chaos. and bring a very high degree of CONSCIOUSESS! And we now know: without bio-photones life is not possible since there is no information and consciousness!

Technology and progress are wonderful helpers for our daily life. We sure are allowed to use them as long as we don’t ignore natures laws. Like this technik is of great benefit and today we have all the important "know-how" to do it the right way.


Please go on and read also the important attachement....

Important Attachment


Our immune system


I cannot give you here the whole details about the immune system since it is pretty complex.

However, a small explanation: Our immun system is a highly reactive system that is divided in a

specific and unspecific defense system. Comparable e.g. with the police who chases perpetrators, takes and compares fingerprints etc. in order to find the right perpetrator and

act accordingly in order to protect society.



The non specific defense system reacts very quickly and ensures for example the bacteria that went into a wound of the skin immediately and quickly gets killed at the place where the

bacteria has entered the wound. No matter which intruder it is. This non specific defense system is comparable with a machine gun that shoots in rapid succession, but with little accuracy.


Unlike the specific defense system. The specific immune system needs much more time to prepare a counter-attack and its full effect. It can take days to weeks until it starts to react. However, the specific immune system has a high selectivity and a specific high degree of markmanship.


Our immune system is mainly formed in childhood. That means a newborn or toddler is therefore so fragile and susceptible to diseases because it has not yet a strong and mature immune system.

Only in the course of his childhood it gets developed and strengthened accordingly. It's coming although already with some immune information to the world...

Furthermore, the immune system is affected by the social environment in childhood. So the information before birth and the psyche along with information and maturation by contact with microorganisms, are responsible for the growth of a strong Immune system.


In the USA, for example, more than 40 vaccinations are already envisaged for young people up to the age of 17. They are also compulsorily carried out against the will of parents or children. How can the immune system manage this overload of toxines in such a short time? We do not know since this is not all. to it. In addition come along toxic environment and pesticide polluted and industrial photon-poor food and drinking water.  In the summary is this whole poison cocktail a real true horror trip for our immune system and unfortunately at this point we only can say: Good luck immune system!

Well, we rather go into the positive attitude and tell you that there are wonderful therapies such as the photone therapy and great natural remedies for affected people! For more informations, please do not hesitate to contact us or see the nearest naturopath near you.

Our nervous system


The nervous system is our highest body system. It is therefore in the order of magnitude still above the immune system. It is enormous complex and highly intelligent and much related to it has not yet been explored. However, through numerous information field researches of the nervous system, scientists come always an important step closer.

So it is also here impossible to go deeper into this topic. Therefore here only a brief information on triggers for the rapidly increasing number of certain disease symptoms.

Nervous system and immune system form, so to speak, a unity. Both cooperate with each other and are in constant communication and constant exchange among each other.


The nervous system acts as bridge between the inner and outer world. It serves collection, processing, storage and transmission of information (information fields = frequencies). It is the

structural basis of all thoughts, feelings and desires of a person, so to speak the psyche. It also regulates the performance of all organ systems depending on the requirements of the outside world.


More and more scientists are assuming today that many informations to our nervous system come from the information fields that are outside of our manifested body (movie: the living matrix - cures of the future). And our real brain therefore lies outside our body. The brain in the skull only acts as the switching center, that gets commands from the information fields outside our body (nervous system: the bridge between outside and inside) .


According scientists these commands from the information fields are transmittet by Bio-Photons ( Light quantums). And therapists of information- and energy medicine can only confirm this theory since they see in daily practice what can be achieved and done with these therapies.

Information about our food and drinking water

Dr. med. Antje Oswald:


"If you want to gain energy and strength through eating, a few things are to consider: 

Studies show:


High-quality foods are recognizable by the fact that they can spoil. If you can leave white extract flour or refined sugar for years without spoiling it is because the term "food" is no longer correct. Food ingredients that contain living energy (information) could rot, mold, or otherwise decompose - so they have been removed. Most industrial products consist of such treated foods and are shelf-stable for months. This is convenient, but has great disadvantages. Because what holds is calories; vitamins do not last long. Above all, in many processes of industrial processing and non-organic products the bio-photon content and the order of the food are lost and thus it becomes relatively worthless.

You would also be able to start little with your account if the numbers were delivered to you in any way. The meaning of your account statement would be significantly changed. To put it precisely: the whole thing would no longer be needed."


"Pasteurization e.g. destroys the informational content of the milk. Bio-chemically this makes no difference, but the living order is disturbed. This meant that children who drank the most pasteurized milk had the worst teeth. The pasteurizing of the milk on a calf was even more drastic. After it was fed exclusively with the pasteurized mother's milk of its suckler cow, it died within three months!

How so?

The liveliness (information) of the milk had been destroyed, so she could not give the calf any more life!"

"I would rather give up food than taking something from the

    microwave to me. " Dr. med. Barbara Hendel and biophysicist Peter Ferreira

"The food is modified by microwaves in such a way that cats, who were kept in a room with artificial light and fed exclusively with food from the microwave - but were able to choose freely from a wide range of foodstuffs - died within one month.

This resulted in a scientific study from England, also cited in the book:


"Water and Salt - Fountaninhead of Life"

from Dr. med. Barbara Hendel and biophysicist Peter Ferreira. INA

Verlags GmbH, ISBN 979-3-00-008233-6.


"The cats were starved, although they had completely over-eaten. The molecular structure of the food has been altered by short-wave irradiation of the microwave in such a way that no resonant energy form (information) was measurable and even the chemistry of the matter changed."


The true value of a food goes far beyond the content of calories, vitamins, trace elements and minerals. It is determined by the amount of light information that passes into us. This light is e.g. for communication between the cells (as already mentioned). Prof. Fritz Albert Popp has shown in his laboratory that the light stored in the food is absorbed by the human body. The light quanta, which he called bio-photons, enable a kind of "light-signal radio operation" within the cells as well as between the cells. High food quality increases the order in the body, low quality leads to chaos. If you want your physical body to be "in order", it does not make much sense to fill it with food that will put you out of order, even in a very short time to death."

Summary of the Annex

- Our immune and nervous system is extremly weakened these days.

"Dead and wrong informational food", as well as polluted environment and food, tons of vaccinations and heavily polluted insects are a real huge challenge for our health.


- The evolution scientist Darwin explained to us in the 19th Century:

"If at a species negativ (genetic) developements occur, the amount of living creatures will be reduced which can even lead to​ extermination.



- Prof. Fritz Albert Popp after 40 years of research on bio-photons said:

"Light controls all processes in our body."

"We are not carnivores, vegetarians or vegans: first of all we are especially a "light sucker".

Light is our true food. The so-called Biophotons are small light particles that control and regulate all processes in our cells -EXCEPT WE HINDER THEM .... "

Prof. Dr. Fritz A. Popp and his son Alexander Popp.

2-part Interview with Prof. Dr. F. A. Popp a few years ago:

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  • For more informations on our photon-rich SANAWELL Retreat please visit our retreat site:



Some sources:

From the book: Health in own responsibility

by Dr. med. Antje Oswald

Naturheilpraxis Molero

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