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Colon Cleansing

Many diseases in the Western-oriented industrial countries are associated with an unhealthy intestinal flora.


Abandonment of the intestine

The job of the gut is to process the food we eat. Means, he sorts them and passes the beneficial components of it into the bloodstream. He finally eliminates the remaining useless or remaining substances and pollutants.

In this way, the intestines provide our organism with nutrients and nutrients.

Another function of the gut is to protect us from unwelcome intruders.

These two vital functions belong to a healthy intestine with a healthy intestinal flora.



Texture of the intestine

Our intestine has a length of about 6 meters, a surface of 200-400 square meters and is home to more than 400 different types of microbes in a healthy ideal case. The enormous surface size is due to the many wrinkles and indentations and villi of the intestinal mucosa. In total there are about 100 billion bacteria on the intestinal surface, which are located in the intestinal mucosa between all the wrinkles and villi and form the so-called intestinal flora. These micro-organisms, respectively the entire intestinal flora, provide for our well-being.

If the intestinal flora is disturbed in any way, it directly affects our well-being.




A stressful everyday life, unhealthy diet, too little exercise and the consumption of drugs as well as daily environmental toxins worsen the intestinal milieu. The beneficial bacteria, which actually live in perfect symbiosis in and with our body and should account for the majority of bacteria living in the intestine (90-95%), do not feel very well in this environment. In contrast, a poor, unbalanced intestinal environment provides ideal living conditions for putrefactive bacteria, fungi or parasites. Harmful bacteria proliferate, while the number of beneficial bacteria continues to decline. This happens until the ratio tilts and the harmful bacteria get the upper hand.

Digestive complaints, such as flatulence or constipation, lack of energy etc. can result, but in the long term it also results in a weakened immune system and thus increases the risk of diseases of all kinds.





The colon cleansing


For all these reasons, it is advisable to pay attention to his bowels and to take care of him. So it is advisable, about every 3 months generally a colon cleanse.

A targeted and thorough colon cleansing should be carried out before any metabolic treatment, since any metabolic treatment can otherwise have only a limited effect on an impure intestinal flora!

It is essential that bowel cleansing should be carried out regularly on existing diseases of all kinds, as otherwise medication and all nutrients and nutritional supplements can be badly or even not absorbed!



Colon cleansing with personal therapy plan:

In order to carry out the most effective bowel cleansing, and especially in combination with a metabolic treatment, some information from you is needed. Therefore, we kindly ask you to submit the registration form in the members area. Based on this, we will create the personal therapy plan for the colon cleansing.


Colon cleansing and maintaining a healthy intestinal flora without a personal therapy plan:

If you simply wish a general colon cleansing and the protocol for maintaining a good intestinal flora, it is enough if you simply write us a short e-mail. We will then email you the list of products that you should preferably use for this and can also order conveniently directly from the online store.

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