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DNA & RNA Repair

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DNA & RNA Repair- is that possible?

A very legitimate question, because we always thought that we had to live our lives with our God-given DNA. In a certain way this is true, our very personal genetic blueprint so to speak, is really given by God. But how we deal with this is up to us.

DNA damage occurs regularly due to UV radiation, radiation / eSmog, carcinogenic substances and copying errors.
DNA is an unstable molecule. Base excision repair prevents their
decay. Without this mechanism, development of life would have been impossible.


Support for DNA & RNA Repair - Yes it is possible!

To support DNA and RNA in repairing, there are very specific nutritional supplements that are specifically designed to do just that and can deliver outstanding results.

Dietary nucleotides (dNT), the forgotten nutrients. They serve as building blocks for DNA & RNA, which contain all of our genetic information.

Would you like to find out more about this? Then simply contact us. We would be happy to send you more information.



Would you like to get to know your very personal book of life in order to be/become the best version of yourself? Then say hello to your DNA! Find out more here:

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