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Below you will find the consumption recommendations.

Please note that these are general recommendations only and individual needs may vary. Therefore, consult the person who recommended the products to you.





Based on the experiences of many thousands of people, there are some recommendations especially for getting started with the products:


Rule of thumb:

  • The sicker or more stressed a person is, the lower the initial dose and the slower the dose increase.

  • Standard dosage for beginners: 2 x 2 drops per day, slowly increasing to 2 x 10 drops

  • Standard dosage after getting used to it: 2 x 10 drops. The daily dose can also be spread out over the day if that is practical (several small doses instead of two larger doses).

  • Take directly into the mouth or in water.

  • Distance from medication: Minimum 2 hours.

  • In cases of known very strong exposure to heavy metals, environmental toxins, drugs or medication, as well as in people diagnosed with severe forms of fibromyalgia, MS, chronic. Fatigue syndrome, chronic Lyme disease, autism, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Start with one drop per day (e.g. spread into a large glass of water throughout the day). It goes without saying that special caution is required here and, if necessary, you should work together with the treating therapist! But it is precisely with such serious diagnoses that the most miraculous results can often be achieved with CS and the other products, so it is definitely worth sticking with it patiently.

  • There appears to be no known contraindication to CS, as long as it is started low enough if there is a pre-existing condition. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are also not an exclusion criterion, but should be accompanied by an experienced therapist. If you are unsure, please consult the person who recommended the products to you.



  • Start with 1 capsule per day, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach.

  • If you are very sensitive, you can start with half a capsule.

  • Can be increased up to 4 capsules per day.

  • Basically has an activating, awakening effect (it is therefore often taken before important conversations, training/competitions, etc.). On the other hand, many report that they sleep better and more deeply with ZI before bed.



  • Start with half a sachet per day, can be increased up to 3 or 4 sachets per day.

  • Sensitive people start with one tablespoon per day. The normal dose is half a sachet per day (one pack is enough for a month).

  • Similar to ZI, RS also has an activating character and should therefore preferably be taken in the morning. If you can tolerate it, you can also take it before going to bed to optimally supply your body with building blocks for regeneration at night



  • Standard dosage is 1/3 tsp per day.

  • Can be easily stirred into all cold drinks or dishes. Be careful, it tastes sour!

  • In the case of acute viral infections, the dose can be increased to half a teaspoon to a full teaspoon per day for a few days (divided into several doses). However, such a high dosage is not recommended long-term due to the high zinc content. Do not heat!

  • Due to the high zinc content, this product is not recommended for sensitive people to take on an empty stomach.



  • Start with ½ teaspoon per day, can be increased to up to 2 teaspoons per day.

  • Can be stirred into cold liquids, added to smoothies or salads.

  • Can be used as a meal replacement if you are short on time or for weight loss (if necessary together with GMBMY).

  • Do not heat!



  • Standard dosage is 1 tsp per day.

  • Can be easily stirred into all cold drinks or dishes.

  • If you want to stir it into hot drinks, let them cool down a little first so as not to destroy the heat-sensitive ingredients.



  • Standard dosage is 1-2 capsules per day. Ideally divided into two doses.

  • For acute infections or severe chronic illnesses, up to 3 capsules can be taken per day.

General instructions for taking


All products generally have the strongest effects when taken on an empty stomach. Often, several small portions throughout the day make more sense than one large portion. Natural Barrier Support is excluded from this due to its high zinc content. This doesn't sit well with some people on an empty stomach.

People with sensitive stomachs initially prefer to take ZI and RS after eating.

ZI and RS can have a strong effect on the gastrointestinal tract (both have strong antiparasitic, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal effects).


In principle, all products can be taken together. If possible, I would personally try to leave at least 5 to 10 minutes between taking CS and the other products.


In my opinion the most important thing: it has to be easy to take and practical in everyday life!


Find the simplest solution for you and your family.

Some personal comments on the dosage of ROOT products


I have never experienced such a wide range of individual dosages as with the ROOT products.


From people who find one drop of CS too much, to those who can easily take 2 x 10, to Clayton and Christina who drink the stuff by the bottle.


I feel that with these products we are pushed into our personal responsibility like rarely before - and with it into our body perception and the confrontation with our body and its reactions.


The subtitle to Christina's book is: Live the life you want, not the one prescribed.


What many of us have been living for a long time is brought to the fore again by the ROOT products: breaking away from a 'prescription' by an authority who knows what, when and how much is right for us.


Instead, we are asked to take responsibility for when and how we take which product and in what dosage - with the risk that the effect will not occur (because we have not taken enough), or that it will turn out differently than desired (e.g. sleeplessness nights because we took a certain product before going to bed) or that we experience an effect so strong that it becomes unpleasant or even very painful (because we took too much).


In my opinion, this trial and error is part of the process and most of us will experience all three at some point in the process.


This also means dealing with the fears and anxieties that this self-determination brings with it...

Parasite and fungal elimination treatment from ROOT

General information

At least 50-60% of the population in the Western world has parasites - mostly unnoticed.

When someone is poisoned, they usually have parasites or fungi. The body allows them to cope better with the toxins. Since most of us are poisoned to a greater or lesser extent these days, there is a high chance of having parasites and/or fungi. Some people have a strong gut and a very good immune system, so they may be spared. People with, for example, MS or autism, depression, weight problems, autoimmune diseases, etc. almost always have an overload of parasites.

And as an experienced therapist in dealing with (too many) pathogenic pathogens, I would like to add that parasites love to incorporate heavy metals and other toxins. And heavy metals, in turn, react with electrosmog, especially with the high 5G radiation. This can lead to strange health problems in people who have not yet found an explanation for it.

Of course, Root also knows about the great importance of parasites and has therefore developed a special parasite elimination treatment.

We may distribute this guide to registered root partners. So if you are registered with us and are interested, write to us via whatsapp 079 695 0606 Gabriela Molero so that we can send you all the information about it.

Good to know: Parasite cures work best during a full moon. But everything about that can be found in the detailed instructions.

With this in mind, here's to a balanced parasite environment in our body!

As root ambassadors, we are happy to help you personally and free of charge with any questions you may have about registration; Product selection, personal dosage, parasite removal and everything related to root, if you are registered with us. Registration is completely free and wihtout obligations.

For free registration use code: natmol

Register here:


As always, as with all other products and companies on the market:


Neither we nor Root make any medical and healing claims about the products. Health depends on many factors and therefore nobody can make any promises and predictions.

The products serve to support health and well being.

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