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tropische Blätter

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Root University Calls with Dr. Christina Rahm

Here you can watch the recordings of the weekly Root University calls with Dr. Watch Christian Rahm.

Every week a specific problem is looked at and a recommended root protocol is presented.
Of course, these are always general recommendations and dosages may vary and vary from case to case.

These root logs serve as a guide. It goes without saying that a medical or therapeutic assessment must always be made for certain indications and neither Root nor we make promises of healing and abstain from any liability as health depends on different factors. The root protocols are for educational reason only; however, they support health and can achieve a lot because they work on the roots of problems.

The root products are special formulations that are manufactured according to special processes and criteria. This makes them unique worldwide.

As a root ambassador, I can offer you free support with all questions relating to root, provided you are registered with us.

You can register with us in advance, free of charge and without any obligations, at:

Code: natmol      Register at:


Root University Calls Records

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