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Your First Root Order


IMPORTANT: If you would like to create a Prime subscription, please be sure to read the instructions below so that you do NOT accidentally place a normal order!

How to log in and register:

ROOT Prime Subscription (RPS) or single one time orders (Shopping cart)?

Many of us made the mistake and ordered the first times by shopping cart instead of making a Prime Subscription. Like this we actually lost money since most of us use the products over many month, and actually frequently.
However, of course it's no necessity to make RPS subscription. 
But its good to know the difference from regular Shopping cart order versus Root Prime Subscription (RPS). 

Please learn here the difference, and then decide what is more convenient for you. 


The ROOT Prime subscription RPS and its advantages in brief:
  • RPS is a monthly loyalty program. This means you will receive a delivery at the same time every month.

  • You can adjust the products in the RPS every month. This means you always get exactly what you need (no minimum order amount).

  • The RPS can be canceled at any time with one click in your customer account. As long as you don't cancel it, it will continue and you will automatically receive a delivery every month.

  • From the second month onwards, all your RPS deliveries are free or reduced shipping.

  • In addition, you can place up to two shopping cart orders between your RPS deliveries, which also receive free shipping.

  • Every time you have been in the RPS for four months in a row, you will receive vouchers worth $50 or $100.

  • You can find all the details of the ROOT Prime subscription here:

Activate ROOT Prime

If you would like to follow our recommendation and create a Prime subscription, please make sure that you ONLY act via the 'ROOT PRIME' menu item in your customer account. Your shopping cart in the top right will remain empty throughout the entire process!

As soon as you add products to your shopping cart and checkout, you place a normal order - no ROOT Prime subscription! So don't put anything in your shopping cart if you don't explicitly want to order outside of the Prime subscription!


  1. In your customer account, click on the menu item 'ROOT PRIME'.

  2. Click the 'ADD ITEM' or 'ADD ITEM' button.

  3. Add products to your RPS by clicking 'SUBSCRIBE & SAVE' or 'SUBSCRIBE & SAVE'.

  4. Then enter your address and payment method.

  5. Agree to the terms and conditions and then click on 'SAVE' or 'SAVE'.



As soon as you have successfully activated your RPS, you will receive an email confirming this activation.

You won't get a classic order confirmation!!!

Only on the day that your RPS is actually processed and shipped - usually 1-2 days after RPS activation - will you receive an email informing you that your order has been completed. This email also contains the tracking link with which you can track your delivery (if available; some shipping service providers outside of Germany do not offer tracking).

Your order total will also only be debited from your Paypal or credit card account after the order has been processed.

You can tell that your RPS has been successfully activated by the fact that it says 'Active' at the top of your ROOT Prime page and a processing date is indicated below (usually the following day):


How to add or remove Item to RPS

How to place a one time order (Shopping Cart)


As root ambassadors, we are happy to help you personally and free of charge with any questions you may have about registration; Product selection, personal dosage, parasite removal and everything related to root, if you are registered with us. Registration is completely free and wihtout obligations.

For free registration use code: natmol

Register here:

Are you as enthusiastic about the Root products as we are and would you like to become part of this great affiliate community by recommending these UNIQUE PRODUCTS IN THE WORLD and doing a lot of good for people? Please find the information here:

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